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-Put proper .glm plugin into max plugin folder (i cant remember if version 2 works with max 8)

Launch max, go to file import, pick glm from drop down menu, select hap's .glm, once import, get rid of all the tags.

Next step is to properly scale the model, select all the meshes, set your constraints to world (in that mode max will scale the objects together instead of each part individually). you need to scale something like 125 units. Delete the head and face, save to a new scene.

Repeat process for Luke, only this time you get rid of the body AND the head's LODs (level of details) so you'd keep only the mesh called "head" and get rid of head_1, head_2, head_3 etc. Save to a separate scene.

Load the JK3 skeleton scene from my website or whatever, now merge both scene files into it.

Adjust the head if needed, you're now ready to rig the hybrid model. It's that easy.

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