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I'm actually home on leave right now until the 24th, but for the fine details. The air is 10% fecal matter so everytime you breathe you are breathing in feces and it smells like it too. Every Thursday is man love Thursday, in which the Afghani men have sex with each other, no lie. Its dry as hell, I last saw rain there 4 months ago. You can buy hand made goods worth a lot in the States for cheap. I deal with morons on a daily basis and find that everyday I slowly lose my irl sanity....what's left of it. I was actually sent outside the wire because they were afraid of me shooting somebody on post. If you get to explore the city of Kabul, you'll see the most beautiful mosques. You'll also see demolished castles, blown up tanks, kids playing in trash and sewage, signs that say no music, men pooping in the street and off buildings, houses built into the mountains, and some plant life if you're lucky. But I'm getting paid good and find that as I long as I keep busy and don't think about home the days pass quickly.

Alright, alright. Let's just calm down and settle this over a nice cyanide pill eating contest, you go first.
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