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Draegen Anaesazi

Draegen Anaesazi
Age: 16
Race/Gender: Human/male
Homeworld: Tasche
Ht./Wt.: 5'9''/165 lbs.
Hair/ Eye color: Black/ pale blue
Physical Features: Draegen abandoning the traditional jedi robes wears a dark blue-black robe, underneath a dark grey wool fitted undertunic made of water resistant material for freedom of movement. Draegen is extremely toned for his age. His pale skin and dark strong features give him a hawlike appearance. Draegen also bears a scar on his right cheek going from the base of his chin up to mid cheek. His ears are pierced in several places a traditional Taschian practice.

Bio: Born on the arctic planet moon of Tasche on the southern edge of the Chommell Sector. Draegen's father Kaeyth was a hardworking mason his mother Brina a seamstress. He had an older brother Vayan (16) and a younger sister Milla (4) His early child was simple as he learned the hardworking sturdy lifestyle of his people in there unyielding cold climate. Draegen was a happy child but all that changed suddenly. At the age of 8 the small moon was attacked by a Cull raiding party, the infamous galactic slave guild headed twilek cimelord Jabba Urzen 'Sorn. The slavers attack came with no warning they slaughtered, raped, and destroyed everything in sight. The simple yet hard Taschians were not prepared for such a attack and their primitive weapons could not stand up against the high tech weapons of Sorn's raiders. Draegen's father raced to save his family he killed the raiders in his home as they tried to rape his wife. He gathered his family and made a race for one of the few transports on the planet Kaeyth's friend Peryyn's hangar. They raced through the streets as explosions and cries of death rang out around them. Arriving they find Peryyn's homestead desolate with signs of struggle. Kaeyth quickly lead them to the small hangar as they raced to board the small vessel a raider party came upon them. Kaeyth and Vayan charged the slavers in desperation but were gunned down. Draegen seeing his father and older brother killed jumps on one of the raiders biting his ear off but is thrown to the ground knocked unconscious before he blacks out he sees his mother and sister taken away his mother crying out for her son's life. For the next 5 years Draegen grew up in the galactic slave trade eventually finding his place in the service of Sorn's dug slave master. Verxnus on the space station Suguna IV. Draegen during these brutal years of slavery became a loner and silent. One day 3 years ago again Draegen's world exploded around him when the slave station itself was attacked by a New Republic force. When the republic soldiers breached Verxnus's court Draegen rushed to safety. But Verxnus set off a last ditch effort to avoid capture sacrificing his life he set off at thermal detonator.The explosion would have killed all the 3 republic soldiers and Draegen himself if it were not for the force field Draegen generated involuntarily saving them all. As the explosion settled Draegen collapsed unconsciously. He woke 2 days later to find himself in sanctuary on the Republic base on the peaceful planet of Naboo. A visitor came to his room the Svivreni Jedi Master Nikoth Tak. A week later Draegen found himself in the jedi temple on the secluded natural world of Besse Lon, here he began his 3 year jedi tutelage at the small jedi school headed by Master Tak himself. Draegen still a loner finds himself in controversy for the jedi council finds his age and his wild power a danger while Master Madii sees the potential in the young jedi... here his story begins

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