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You're wise to wait, Astro. There's a 55NM version of the GTX280 due to be released very soon in an attempt to steal some of the 4870X2's thunder. It should boast higher clocks and lower temps and power draw. It will probably be reasonably priced in order to be competitive because it won't be able to beat the X2 in sheer performance. It won't have any of the multi-GPU scaling issues, however, and it will be the fastest single-GPU card out there. And, of course, with CUDA it will be a F@H monster. Definitely an option for those who dislike multi-GPU setups.

I'm loving it. No matter what team you buy from, your options are going to be far better thanks to ATI's being competitive again. Since the 48xx series is selling like crack, I hope this means that DAAMIT isn't going to fold any time soon.

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