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RPG Vault has posted an interview with a few of the core team members -- including Creative Lead Annie Carlson -- working on Obsidian's new expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights 2, Storm of Zehir.

You will return to Crossroad Keep, Neverwinter and West Harbor. Each map has been extensively updated, and is now much more detailed than the original versions. In Neverwinter, you return to the Blacklake District. The main area in front of the castle has been completely rebuilt after the battles the community endured in the previous games. The Thayan Academy and Temple of Waukeen have constructed new building headquarters located here. Also, the castle wall has a new viewing stand to see the rest of the cityscape.
Obsidian continues to impress me with each and every article they put out about this game. Personally, I'm hoping this new dialogue system add yet another dynamic to dialogue.

Rather than just having skills affect how an NPC reacts, what about race, class, and appearance too? Sure your Drow party member may have a huge Diplomacy score but that doesn't mean he's going to get a positive reaction from the average person on the street. The player will be forced not only to think about whose line to choose in a dialogue based on statistics but also based on what sort of emotional response the character will have to the speaker. Perhaps that's a bit too progressive in terms of NPC interaction for an expansion pack, though...

We shall see. -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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