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Yep. nvidia announced they will release the GTX 280+ during the upcoming nvision2008 expo Which will be running on August 25-27th. Not too far away at all

As for AMD, its unlikely they will fold, though they are breaking off their manufacturing division. With R800 being announced as sitting on fusion CnGPUs, theres going to be alot riding on how fusion does. It could be a deal breaker for them. Then again, you have intel tinkering away on Larabee too

Here's something you probably already know, being a CPU guru..

Intel developer forum shows Octo-core roadmap.. Looks like Octo-core will hit us at about the same time as Windows7.

Does that mean Haswell is Dodeca-core(12)? Sometimes even I get the creeps thinking about where tech will be in 20 years time..

damn that Mr Moore was right

Being a display-phile, all I really want is true 3d holographic projection! I know things like the heliodisplay exist, but they are a bit far from sitting on our desktops just yet...


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