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For those that have missed it.

Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
Mod note: Continued from this large thread.

Like the original thread, tell us what your favourite song is that you are listening to. Keep in mind that this thread is not just for listing what's currently running in your music player.

Do not only post the name of the song and artist, that isn't very interesting to read. Describe what kind of music is it and why you like it, so that others with the same taste in music may get ideas for new artists and songs to check out.

Posts that only contain the name of a song and artist (or some variant thereof) and nothing more will be deleted as spam without notice.

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Please try to follow the guidelines people. It's not that difficult.

And again, if any members have questions about posts or what to post you can always send a Private Message to a member of our forum staff and we'll be happy to help.

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