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Kaleth Sevron

Kaleth Sevron
Age: 23
Gender: male
Species: half Echani/half human
Equipment: Lightsaber (blue), Ansantan jedi robes, jedi tool belt, back up lightsaber (green)
Rank:Jedi Knight
Physique: Kaleth wears his long silver-white hair (a trait from his Echani blood) pulled back into a single heavy ponytail. He has deep blue eyes and light tan skin and is considered quite handsome with his strong features. Kaleth stands at 6 foot and is lean and very toned. He wears white robes in the traditional Ansantan style.
Personality: Sevron is very much a believer that words are better than fighting. He is cool headed and reacts better under extreme pressure a trait learned from his old master. Sevron loves to laugh and enjoys music, art and dance.
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