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OLED isnt far away from hitting the shelves, but still a distance from being cheap I must admit, the low power footprint OLED is promising is appealing to those of us who like to keep our power bills trim !

Yep, its only animators, video editing/rendering folk that get the most out of all their cores(and folders too not to mention)

Gaming will get there, slowly. The minimum specs for a game nudge up each year, but that optimised multi-core standard isnt here yet, and probably wont be until windows7(if then)

The initial scuttlebut was that W7 was not going to support single core or x86 setups, but this was likely just a fanboy rumour

It definitely would be the prod devs needed to start optimising for higher end setups, but from a marketing perspective, would make W7 less popular than even vista


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