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Wrath of the Dark Makers

Wrath of the Dark Makers

120 ABY. The Galacitc Empire has been soughting their image of a peaceful galaxy. But the message of their dream is beyond reachable, as the galaxy faces a new nightmare.
The Dark Makers: a cult with unimaginable power than the sith could never be able to manifest. They were once regular good soldiers of the Empire, until they discovered something outside of the galaxy which changed their view on life forever.
If these supreme beings are to threaten the life of the entire galaxy, then somebody must fight them.

Bastion - Imperial Hangar

Alec Rotham looked down at the cargo boxes supplied by the Imperials. Ammunition, food, medication, etc. were essential for any mission given.

He picked up one of the boxes and began to carry it up the ramp of their ship: The Titavian, a YV-664 light freighter. A fairly old ship, but running in nice condition. Even as faster then some people would normally think.

It was only a few minutes ago had they met up with the crew members and received the mission briefing. Its been a few months since Rutan had lost all contact with the Empire, and so they send a crew to investigate. Worst case scenario Alec was thinking that the planet could be endanger: for all he knew, it could be false alarm.

Alec returned back to pick up another load.
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