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well yeah that is my goal to try and get people to use bf1 again anyway

this mod takes ideas from all tehtop bf1 mods and puts them into one complete almost total conversion mod

it is more accurate to the movies in the fact that lasers go faster and can kill in 1-2 shots (so you have to use cover), lasers go furhter missles actually do something, and for example atat like in the movies are now unstoppable except for tripping, and stuff like that

the exterme weapons aspect is that many new wepons have been added like the darktrooper beam gun or the bothan concusion rifle or the antiarmor attachment orbital beacon harpon gun and lots more, also the old wepons have been put on steroids, like you can lay 200 land mines, you start with 15, or you get 3 recon droids jetpacks are unlimited and other stuff like that

every unit has 4 weapons, except droideka, and new units include bothan for rebels (still has the wookiee too), the geonsain for pilot cis, the wookiee jedi for pilot clones, jedi have force powers and can die

anyway there is a lot more but i don't want to write that much, anyway the only thing i need to finsih this map is to name teh weapons and give the rep jedi force block
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