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OOC: The character I am talking to is Alec Rotham

Scales scoffed at most of the other's attempts to carry the supplies onto the ship. True, his previous ship had been blown out of the sky. But this ship wasn't a notch above his previous

Though he could have recieved organic matter replacement's for his hands he chose not to. The whole finger sucker routine was growing boring for him. They were just a waste of nerves and flesh. He rather liked wearing gloves.

Rutan was just another job for Scales. Bounty hunting work was low especially for him. Most of the work was for mercenaries and the empire. Sure there was probably more killing involved, but at least that was more of a challenge then chasing a target through an alleyway and then executing them.

Scales walked over to one person who was crouching down to pick up a crate. Soon recognising him from the breifing earlier. Something about his blueish armor/robe hybrid confused Scales. It seemed far to unnecessary and would only draw unnatrual attention to yourself.

"So what do you percieve to be the major risk of this mission?" Scales asked him.

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