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Well, we can add at least one more to the list

I'm still not through installing all of my progz, but I seem to have the system nice and stable enough I feel confident to kickstart this puppy

I just now started the gpu client (about 3 minutes ago) and have logged 2,750/25000 frames.

So just for giggles, my current stats are:

score :2039
WU: 12

So we can measure, somewhat, what a gtx280 logs based on the time stamp of this post / compared to F@H stat updates / via my next post (when I wake up). I'll keep everyone in the loop

EDIT: - 4:55am
k..after waking up and checking the progress.. seems F@H hasn't updated the units yet. However I've checked the log and it seems I've finished 5 complete 25,000 frame WU's (no idea on points yet). Average time is apx. 1-1/2 hours per unit per the log.

I'm currently on frame 12,250/25,000 of the 6th unit as I type

If you're really bored, here's the log file of progress:

Show spoiler

EDIT2: - 7:00 pm est.

Roughly 24hrs later and the results are

OLD -> NEW (difference)
score : 2039 -> 7799 (5760)
WU: 12 -> 24 (12)

Not too shabby for a single GPU. After some more system conditioning, I'll look at adding an SMP client as well

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