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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Actually, I think that the original light side underwear is pretty good, and suits the personality of the player at the begining of the game. It was just the dark side ones that I thought weren't evil enough.

If I was to do some ladies underwear like I did for Bastila, I don' know what I'd do for the male versions. I like to at least be somewhat fair after all. I guess that I'd need some input, or opinions, from all the ladies that like to play KotOR if I was to make some male underwear. If I went the "sexy" route, it'd probably be just for the scoundrels, 'cause it would suit their character.

Thanks for the thumbs up, glad you enjoy it.
I reall have no problem with the stock undies except the female soleger, but thats just me and I pre fer a littler more "risque" (sexy). But other than that I have no direction in my ideas.
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