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Day 1,863, I grow tired of sitting in this iron cage. I grow restless of the screams of my fallen cell mates. These pathetic fools think they can keep me here, they think they can make me cry. I don't fear torture I welcome it. I am enticed by her beauty. The way she can make anyone sing, but not me. I do not sing for her for she will not sing back. Time, he is my enemy. Seconds become Minutes, Minutes to Hours, Days, Months, Years. I need to get out, I must be free...

The Titanium doors swung open letting the like get in. The criminal backed into a corner to avoid the light. the energy shielding sizzled away and two guards walked in and took him away. The man had nothing on except for a helmet that he refused to take off.

"Get up scum, we've got something for you to do," the guard said.

"Yeah we got a way for you to get out of that cell and for us to stop wasting money on trying to torture you," replied the other guard.

"What will you have me do?"

"A couple of mercs and soldier are heading over to Rutan and you'll be going with them." said the first guard again.

"I'm in, just get me my armor and I'll do it."

"We'll be monitoring you at all times through your armor." said the second guard.

The criminal walked to where all items were taken and found his suit. He put it on and with the helmet he was alive again, he was Psycho. He found his two DC-15 blaster pistols and then headed for the lauch pad and found a couple of merc getting ready to leave. He approached a few of them out of boredom.

"So what do you percieve to be the major risk of this mission?" asked a rodian merc.

"We all blow up and die in a fiery explosion and are sent hurdling towards space and then crushed by the lack of air," Psycho replied laughing.
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