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Meh... That machinema thing may last a lill' longer then expected, so I'll post a new chapter now...
Hope you will enjoy it!

*Note: The name is Davrel- the boy that you must beat in the Battle Circle in TSL- not Devril, Lirissian's friend from the first chapters.

Chapter 7:

“I think it’s the time to get rid of those pesky Mandalorians! Lt, what’s the status of our guns?
“Sir, they are fully loaded. The attack can start in any moment.”
“Then, let’s wait no longer. Commence the bombing!” A distant sound, resembling the hurl of a powerful wind was send through the space… “What was that? It sounded like gun blasting, but not ours!”
5 seconds later an explosion in the engine room.
“Sir, *we* are under bombing!”


“Hmpf! Smug sith! They were stupid enough to believe clan Ordo will suffer the same fate as Isis! The cloaking device the Iridonian invented is really helpful, as helpful as your information, caporal Lirissian.”
“It is my job, Mandalore, and it’s also an honor, to stand along with the man my father admired so much!”
Mandalore remained silent for a moment, after hearing that. He reflects on the fact that he drove Bralor to death, by sending him on Onderon. “But sacrifices must be made! And, through the death of Bralor, a younger soldier, with great potential was born!” thinks Mandalore, realizing that *he* admires Lirissian.
“Too bad he gave you his wife’s name, Flaut, not his, Ordo.” But Lirissian also remains silent after hearing this. Mandalore didn’t knew his father gave him the Mandalorian surname, but he chose to be called Lirissian Flaut, not Lirissian Ordo after his parents death.
But the thoughts pass, and the silence remains, broken from time to time by the hurl of the guns.
“Those four capital ships are almost scrap heaps” voices Mandalore, proud of his intelligent victory. But something snaps in Lirissian’s head…
“Four?! Wait, shouldn’t there be five?” And the answer is given: an explosion at the cloaking device chamber. The ship becomes visible in the black vacuum, and the enemy that’s left is also unknown.
“That last ship must also have a cloaking device. But how did they spot us?”
The answer is only known to Lirissian, as he feels something dark moving around the battlefield.
“There’s a dark force user on that ship. He probably sensed a Force Sensitive.”
“That Force Sensitive may be you, or Trask!” accuses Mandalore.
“No… We learned to hide our presence in the Force, when we trained for the ‘special’ Violet Company. There’s someone else here, someone untrained in the Force!”
“Hm… Never mind that! But can’t you track that Sith, as he also did?”
“I will try!”
Lirissian sits on the floor, and closes his eyes. As he swims deeper in the Force, a calmness cloud covers everything, and becomes denser… then weaker. It almost disappears and fear takes its place, as Lirissian becomes visibly more nervous and agitated in his meditation. But suddenly he opens his eyes, stands up and directions the guns. “Fire!”
That generic hurl again, three seconds of waiting, and a huge, gigantic ship unveils in distance, Despite the fact that everyone on Mandalore’s ship searches for his reactions, none is given. The huge Sith ship fires one more time in the fuel compartment and a big explosion scares everyone on the bridge.
“We need to get to the escape pods!”
“Not yet, Mandalore! If that ship remains intact though it has the engine room destroyed, it will destroy the Mandalorian fleet and armies that are still on Dxun. We need to make it un-operational.”
“We have no time, the ship will explode!”
“Yes, but I can delay the explosion enough so we can get this ship close to the Spith Capital Vessel.”
“One explosion, two ships out of commission… An end of battle worthy of a Mandalorian! But are you sure you can do that?”
“Very! Start manning the ship towards the enemy!”
The Mandalorian ship comes closer to the Sith one. And because the Spiths are blocked in that position, the outcome of the battle becomes more visible.
Tenths of pods leave the Ship and fall upon Onderon, as one big explosion generates another, bigger!

“Our luck we all crashed near this abandoned and unknown fortified camp…”
“It may not be that unknown as you believe, Mandalore.” says Trask. “From this camp we gathered that intelligence.”
“Huh… We should start building some defenses, the Spiths may attack us in soon…”


Two days later…

“Lirissian, look at that rain cloud! It’s coming really quick.”
“Trask… I don’t think that’s a cloud.”
As the so called cloud approaches, it’s becoming more clear for Lirissian.
“That’s a huge group of… flying drexls… WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! Go for bunkers, they will bomb first, and then take high positions! We need to take them out!”
There isn’t too much time for preparations, as the bombing of Drexls starts.
As soon as it’s over, the mandalorians start crawling all over the places and take in high positions.
The battle is a massacre, as the drexls pick soldiers and crush them in the air. The mandalorians fight with everything they got at hand, throwing grenades in the drexl cloud above them, firing rockets, shooting with blasters and everything they got at hand, but another wave of bombing kills all the morale and spirit the soldiers have left in them…
A huge drexl approaches a wall and grabs a young mandalorian, by reflex he tries to hang on something and his hand reaches a backpack, useless on the moment.
As the drexl flies further from the base the young soldier is crushed in its claws.
But the boy has enough power to pick a vibroblade. He tries to harm the drexl, and eventually it stabs it in the heart.
But now he's in a free-fall, an imminent death awaits the mandalorian, or so he thinks until he observers the backpack he picked is a parachute… He equips it and opens it. While trying to find a suitable landing place, he spots a crashed ship, and soon he lands near it. While checking it he observes that the heavy guns the ship has are still working. He mans them, and fires them in the cloud of drexls. And as every rain cloud, this drexl one also rains, but it doesn’t rains water… Instead, it rains drexl corpses.
Soon the battle is over, and Mandalore, Trask and Lirissian decide to travel in the direction the gun was firing from.
They soon discover the hero standing tired on a portion of short-grass-covered land.
“Oh… Mandalore!”
“Mandalorian, you have just gained the title of hero!”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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