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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
Brahms' Violin Concerto in D Major beats it for the epicness prize; especially the third movement (which was used to muche applause in There Will Be Blood and many times perform'd) but I have unsophisticated ears, I just go for "oooh, pretty."
Heh... yeah.

It all depends on the recording and performance when it comes to Bach, though. Not everybody does Bach quite the same way; and where and how this piece was captured, and what pipe organ it is performed on do make a lot of difference. I have a couple of different versions of that single work, and they are all different. None of them quite what I would call "definitive" however... still looking for that one.

But, usually, when I'm in the mood for truly "epic"... I break out the Stravinsky, Holst, or Wagner.

A great recording of the Firebird Suite or "Mars: Bringer of War" through a killer sound system are hard to beat.

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