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The whole Kreia as the same person as Kae never sat well with me.

It just raises more questions (or statements) to the motive "why" if that was going to be the case!

-Why wasnít that revealed in the game itself? Kreia died, end of story. What would be the point of not revealing it after the gameís events because now it becomes a side issue which really weakens the plot behind it if it were true.

-Why hasnít it been revealed after 3 Ĺ years since the game has been released? What are they waiting for? Donít say KOTOR III because that would be something that would distract the story of the next chapter of the game series. The only way that would work out well is if both Kreia and Brianna were main characters in that game. That wouldnít be the case.

Could you imagine if they were to leave hints about the Revan revelation, but never actually revealed in K1, but revealed in TSL? That would be bad storytelling, especially since Revan was just talked about, but was never around in the game.

-The female Exile is now considered the canon way of playing the game. That means the Handmaidenís role is has been limited to just stealing the Ebon Hawk, telling your party to lay down their weapons, asking Atris about caring for the Exile once, and other optional conversations you could have with her at the Polar Region. Once you leave, her small role in the game is over.

-The hints used to support the theory theyíre the same person are easily debunked making it just pure speculation without conclusive facts.

-We were told that no twists were going to be in TSL. Thereís a hint left in one of the dialogue files about that:

-Kreia makes it clear that she was cast out because of her teachings and beliefs. It was also stated that Kae was exiled for having a child. In TSL, it was clear that Kreia is against love, but wants to prove that her teachings are right. If love was something she thought was right, she would be in the same boat as Jolee Bindo in how she felt about it. If she did believe in love, she wouldnít have changed her mind about it because that would prove in her mind that one of the Jedi teachings was correct and I donít think she would dare do that. If there were any issues she agreed with the Jedi on; it would be teachings she already believed in before her exile. She would not change her mind and say the Jedi were right about something after her bitter exile. Kreia was on a mission to prove that she was right and the Jedi were wrong.

-Kreia serving under Revan during the Mandalorian Wars is something I canít picture her doing. She likes to be the master; the one in charge; that way she is in control. Sheís also someone who prefers to resolve conflicts through pacifism and manipulation, even to a point to play tricks on peopleís minds, not violence. I believe it was stated that the Jedi thought Kreia ďdiedĒ during the Mandalorian Wars; never stating she was killed. Not everybody who died during the Mandalorian Wars was a part of it.

-Kreia hates Atris with a passion. Why would she want to leave her child with Atris of all people? She would have manipulated that situation differently and we know sheís good at getting what she wants. If anything, she would have tried to keep, perhaps hide her and use her for her cunning purposes. This reminds that if Kreia wanted to hide Briannaís existence from the Jedi Council, she would have gotten away with it. Anybody who knows Kreia knows sheís very clever.

There are other questions I have thought up in the past about this whole situation that I havenít brought to attention. If anything, I hope Iíve made enough points why I canít buy into it so at least you understand my personal point of view.

Itís possible that a revelation could come out and say that Kreia and Kae are the game person. If that were to happen, I would be one of the first to admit I was wrong. The only thing that would puzzle me is that some things wouldnít add up with the whole situation and there would have to be holes to fill so there would be nothing that contracts the revelation. That way itís not bad story telling. I would find that hard to do to be honest.

Iím more in the boat that itís something that probably will never be resolved. Perhaps ďno commentĒ was mentioned about the situation by Chris Avellone (I believe it was him) was because he wanted to leave something for us to talk about and debate. If I was in his shoes, I probably would have said the same thing just to keep the debate alive and keep something fresh about a game that is many years old. Those who know me best know that is something Iím very capable of doing and enjoy watching people debate and get a few good laughs, especially if I knew I was responsible for the reason why itís still debated. Maybe it would be a good thing to leave unsolved. That way we have something to talk about for a game that is closing in on four years.

Am I here to change your mind? No. What would be the point of that to be honest? Most people who go at each other back and forth trying to change other peopleís minds already have made up their minds on what they are going to believe so trying to change it is pointless. The debates become pointless because many times bitter feelings towards the other person youíre debating can develop because both sides are suborn.

Once someone sets their mind to something, most likely theyíre not going to change it. Life has taught me that many people wonít even accept the truth even when itís revealed to them, which is why I love Carthís quote that you see in my signature because I have a great respect for those who can accept the truth when itís presented in front of them, even if they donít like it. Peopleís pride and/or ego are the only thing that holds them back in those situations because they have this obsession about having to be right about almost everything. Iím already seeing signs of this when I skim through this debate.

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