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Originally Posted by GiygasUnlimited View Post
I never got the whole Kreia/Kae thing. A lot of the arguments make absolutely no sense, like the "Kae + Traya = Kreia" one.
Eh, that's just the tip of the iceberg. What evidence there is is very vague and ambiguous, with good reason--Kreia's past is supposed to be mysterious. If we knew the entire truth, well, that would kill the mystery. K2 is like that; you just have to look at what's there and decide for yourself.

As for the other, no one ever said Kae left Brianna with Atris. Brianna mentions that she lived with her father several years after Kae's supposed death (she would have only been thirteen or fourteen at the time of Malachor. So if anyone left Brianna with Kae, it would be Yusanis or someone else in the family.

And as for Kreia's interactions with Brianna, Kreia doesn't like anybody. It wouldn't surprise me if Kreia hated her child; after all, she claims that's why Kae was exiled. She clearly hates Brianna (and everybody else that still breathes), and more importantly she hates her past. If Brianna were her daughter, Kreia would certainly not come out with it. So again, this isn't strong evidence that Kreia is Kae, but it isn't evidence of the opposite, either.

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