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Originally Posted by Gavroche View Post
Now, I'm not trying to convince anyone either.
The difference here is I was pointing out my issues to why Kreia isn't Kae. I never once tried to debate someone one-on-one. Plus, your counter debates can be easily debunked. That's the problem with this whole theory and that is it is easily debunked on every point.

Originally Posted by Gavroche View Post
We then have two reasons why Kae was exiled. The official, Council-approved one, because she's had a daughter. As we know, that's a stupid reason, as at this era numerous Jedi were allowed to have children (and the wives/husbands who go with it, of course). But, eh, they had to cast her out, and they had to do it quickly, so they did not really bother with finding a good reason.
Here is where you got lost.

I think you need something in K1 to be refreshed:

Bastila making it clear that Jedi are not suppose to fall in love was true back then as it was in the Prequel era. So saying they needed to find a reason is a big stretch as was many of your other arguments. Plus you didn't even talk about the part where Kreia is very smart. If she wanted to hide the fact she had a child, she would have succeeded.

Now, if you were trying to put my mind at ease with my many issues, it didn't work. You have to believe many things that contradict Kreia's personality and people don't change so quickly, especially in the time frame when it was suppose to happen.

Originally Posted by Gavroche View Post
Though, Kreia is not all for pacifism. Quite the contrary.
She prefers it. It's quite strange for a Sith Lord to be the way she is, but that is her first preference if all possible. This is why she was a historian. It keeps her in the Jedi Library like Jocasta Nu instead of being put into situations where she has to fight a lot.

Again, you have to speculate a lot of things to make this theory happen to a point where the main character in this is way out of character. The older you get, the less likely you strange so drastically; you stay more set in your ways.

With the fact that this hasn't be revealed is not good story telling because now the character involved is dead and is irrelevant to the next chapter of the KOTOR story. To throw in this "twist" in KOTOR III would be taking up time that should have been in TSL and what would be the point of taking the story off track just to do that? Then they would have to explain a lot of plot inconsistencies with Kreia's character that they better have an explanation ready so it all makes sense. I feel like I'm talking to the people who believed Palpatine was a clone of Sidious theorists before ROTS in a way. There would have been a lot to explain how that would have worked all in sake to have a twist in the Prequels like they did in ESB, which would have been sidetracked the whole plot to have it make sense. Yet, it was simpler to just have Palpatine = Sidious and people catch on really quickly if they didn't realize that before. Same thing here; lots to be explained to make it all make sense.

We're coming on four years since the game was released and only us fanatics have this fresh in our heads. Do you know how many people who watch my videos on YouTube have forgotten a lot about what has happened since they last played the games years ago? Even main characters are forgotten about, or what their roles were. To the average person who would play KOTOR III learning of this would probably be very confusing and then wondering why such a side issue is being brought up. KOTOR III would get a lot of criticism in story telling.

If my foresight to what can happen in the future with this isn't good enough for you to understand why this isn't a good idea, then I don't know what else to tell you.

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