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You're right, despite the Sunrider or Draay Jedi families, love was not allowed in the Jedi Order. So maybe it was a good reason to cast Kae out. But if she was Kreia, then I believe it's only an "official" reason.

<off-topic />I don't see any reason to make KotOR III involved here. Of course Kreia is dead and will not have any role to play in K3. Does this prevent us from digging more inside characters' backstories? I hope not.
I mean, if we can't discuss Kreia being Kae because it will confuse K3 players, Team Gizka might as well not release their Restoration Project. I don't see why Bioware would care about Kreia in their K3, so I guess we can safely discuss about obscure points of the plot and let "the average KOTOR III players" play their game and forget about the characters two months later.
I don't know why we're involving these guys. They don't care about the the Kreia = Kae theory, they don't care about the HK factory, abotu Kaevee, all they care about is "when is the game coming?" and "when is the next game coming?".

I may be overlooking the damage that such a retcon would cause to K3, but I just can't see why "average players" would bother about events in TSL if they are such forgetful persons. They just simply don't care anymore about the game, if we consider their comments on your videos. And I've never been expecting Bioware to try to retcon it, that's not their job. KOTOR III clearly has no role in this affair to me.

I was not trying to debate you "one-on-one". I was seeing you had precise issues about the theory, so I provided the answers I thought correct, as I would have done with anyone who had the patience to show why the whole theory was wrong in his opinion. You had such patience, so it would be rude to just ignore the post you made, because it would mean ignoring your opinion.
I'm not standing against every single guy who does not support the theory, I'm not taking it personnally. I'm (trying to) bringing counter-arguments to those who bring arguments, because I believe it's the point of forums.
I can accept that my points are easily debunked. In fact, they could even have been debunked in a previous page in this thread, and in this case I'm just bothering everybody while making the debate circle '^^

I'm agreeing with you on one thing, though. Believing in this theory brings far too much contradictions in Kreia's character. If Obsidian ever intended her to be Kae, I wish they had the time to develop the whole thing so those contradictions disappear. But as of now, Kreia = Kae does not fit well her character.

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