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Delaney eyed the one with the armor. He looked like the menacing type, from her point of view.

"Aye rodian I would that is if death would be willing to forgive me. She caught me cheating on her with torture and now she hasn't talked to me since."

This made Delaney chuckle to herself. "Guess Death and him never got along so well... if you ask me," she thought to herself. She continued to stare at him. Delaney wondered if he was the guy that loved to kill anyone he pleased. She heard about some guy who did.

"And it would appear I found her messenger... or perhaps a family friend,"

Delaney smirked. "Oh yes. A messenger indeed. But family friend... you might say that, Armor boy," she said quietly. She let her dark eyes wonder over the Hangar, as if being watchful of things.
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