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Originally Posted by Achilles
Yeah, the evidence is pretty overwhelming. I guess that those that need to have a "smoking gun" will not be satisfied until a dev comes right out and spoon feeds it to us.
Thats a fantastically odd position for you to take, Achilles. Theres as much clear evidence in this fragile theory as there is for Creationism. Just because youve managed to join some dots doesnt mean an image was supposed to be there in the first place. Consider for a moment that they may just be dots: just as a series of coincidences throughout history are just coincidences...

I would like to point out that Kreia is always one for mystery and ambiguity she gives you a lot of leverage to insert any theory you would like about her, especially as Kreias personality allows any commentator to manipulate her words to appear as solid facts or else dismiss them as clear lies. In fact, I could spend this post weaving together a number of different pieces of evidence and create an argument that Kreia is, in fact, Krynda Draay or even Nomi Sunrider. I could make it fairly convincing, at least on the surface, and suddenly such an idea would not seem so farfetched: it's just another way of joining up dots without numbers, after all.

It would be best to take a more objective look at these dots, myriad as they are, without reading deep between the lines. I wont pick it apart entirely: I dont have the time. However, Id like to deal with a few points which have come to my attention:

Kreia and Kae both "died" in the Mandalorian Wars: That this is true is not even a coincidence. Billions died in the war, including a great number of Jedi: Kae is not a special corpse. Both Kreia and Revan apparently "died", yet as has been said previously in this thread, villains and heroes in comic books come back from the dead all the time. Kreia could be one of any number of MIA female Jedi.

Kae's body was never found: Though this is true, it is unlikely that any bodies at all were recovered from Malachor. When the Remote recharged the Mass Shadow Generator, I doubt that the cadavers he encountered in the buried ships had been disturbed since their demise. Malachor is a graveyard for millions, as was Alderaan three thousand years later. Bail Organa's body was never found - but it doesn't mean he's alive. It just means he's been vaporised.

Brianna bears the face of her mother: That Kreia looked much like Brianna at the age of 25 is naught but speculation: the differences in age are too great to make a judgement, and as such any resemblance or apparent difference is really only a matter of personal opinion. On a different note, though Brianna bears the face of her mother it does not mean she would or would not instantly recognise her based on this premise, especially considering that she also bears vestiges of Echani heritage and apparently has never actually seen her mother.

The Handmaiden possesses Kaes Robe: First of all, I do not think the robe was explicitly stated to have been the one worn by Arren Kae on Malachor V. It could be, though as Kaes body was "never found" this is unlikely. This said, any self-respecting Jedi would not have just a single set of robes: see the difference between Vrook's robes in K1 and TSL, and likewise with robes belonging to Jolee Bindo. Or, to move into movie territory, the varieties of robe worn by Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan across the prequel trilogy. Perhaps the robes that Brianna wears were the ones her mother left with Yusanis on Echani?

Kae cannot have been exiled because of love: We all understand that the Jedi High Council is a changing body of people with often different opinions and views. The Jedi Masters who forgave Jolee after the Great Sith War are entirely different people to those who judged Arren Kae; and in the wake of a war rather than the onset of one, were probably in a more forgiving mood too. It is no great surprise that Kae was exiled for having a child (even assuming it was the sole reason for her dismissal) in a period when going against the grain brought heavy retribution: the Covenant fiasco, the reaction to the Revanchist movement, the sentencing of Kreia and the entire Exile affair serve to illustrate this.

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