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Originally Posted by nine.roses View Post
Emperor Devon, consider this: in KotOR, the Revan revelation was streamlined and complete. The penny would drop for the adroit player before reaching even half way through the revelation cutscene. The hints through the game were heavy, yes... but subtle. Arranged together they formed a full picture.
Different developer/writer.

Originally Posted by nine.roses View Post
However, if it takes 44 screenshots of events spread across two playthroughs of the game for one to twig onto an idea, then that is poor writing indeed.
Matter of opinion. I, for one, thought it was great that you got a little bit more of the story each time depending on which perspective you played. Kinda like how real life works.

Originally Posted by nine.roses View Post
Many of your fellow theorists see the site you have presented me as gospel proof of Kreia's identity. What I see are lines of text taken out of context then arranged to display similarities.
The site? No. Scorchy simply condensed it all onto one page. The credit belongs with the writers, not the guy doing the walkthrough.

Originally Posted by nine.roses View Post
That's from the point of view of an in-universe being. Inside the Star Wars universe, to quote (or misquote, as I can't entirely remember) Master Vandar "there are no coincidences, there is only the Force". Which matters for nothing at all when doing an objective dissection of an unknown story element from our point of view: real life coincidences in story writing do occur, and are far from rare.
Again, different developers and writers with a different message and world view. Surely you acknowledge this, correct?

Originally Posted by GiygasUnlimited View Post
What? Who said they were going out of their way?
I did. You don't just sit down in front of MS Word and start randomly hitting keys, hoping to get something passable. A story is something that you craft over multiple reviews, edits, etc. The fact that it ended up in the final draft means that they worked to get it there. It didn't just "appear" by mistake.
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