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Originally Posted by GiygasUnlimited View Post
I'll put it this way. Does everybody know what Home Improvement is? You never see Al Borland's mother's face. You never see Wilson's face. Therefore they are the same person, right? Try to disprove me.
Actually I don't (I don't watch television). Since I don't have context for the analogy, should I assume that the writers intentionally write in bits that would lead us to suspect that they are the same person? If so, then your conclusion that they are the same person is probably well-founded. If not, then your analogy would seem to argue that since Handmaiden has a mother and that all mothers are female then it's reasonable to assume that Mira is also Handmaiden's mother. All you're presenting is one common feature, so the logic works for both arguments.

As for "disproving" you, I'm afraid that the burden of proof is yours.
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