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Originally Posted by Ryazan View Post
Da_Man, it's not "purely aesthetic". He will always flip it around to fight with it, but he holds it like that to defend his rear and so that he can concentrate more on his Force powers.

Juno, Form VI is Niman. That's not a reverse grip style.

And Maris Brood is the same case as Darth Maul-she uses a style that can be extremely dangerous to untrained wielders, but she has mastered it enough to avoid this danger easily.
That type of a weapon would require the arms to brace the long end, where the actual lightsaber blade is, after the swing. Moreover, a lot of strikes with that type of a weapon would be done with the "butt" end of the weapon, not the blade end. Moreover, the rest of the strikes and the recovery from strikes would dismember her.

Basically, where as a double bladed lightsaber can be used to confuse your opponents and attack from unexpected sides and angles, kind of like a bo staff, a tonfa lightsaber will be very awkward to use and will be more of a hinderance than an advantage. That's my point. No advantage, plenty of disadvantages.

But again, these are people with magical powers we're talking about so all realism flies out of the window.

I do agree, however, that the reverse grip was used mainly for the coolness factor to make the character look more like a badass ninja and not because he's "guarding his back". How many jedi or sith used the reverse grip? How many have been shot in the back because of it? I've read the extended universe extensively and off the top of my head, I can't think of any. These people use the force to "feel" and predict where the attacks will be coming from. Getting shot in the back won't happen because they will feel it coming and move or use the lightsaber to deflect.

What would've been really cool, however, is if they would've allowed to change the stance depending on the situation.
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