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Argh, I see. Although compiling wasn't part of Psyk0's step-by-step list @_@ btw, got it.

So, just to sum up:

Load .glm
Get rid of tags
Scale the model
Change what I'd like to change
Weight it
And then? Compile it?

From a first read of the compiling tutorial, I get that with compile, you mean the whole process of a character creation. So, after the weighting I have to "link to hierarchy" export as a .xsi and than save it as a .glm with assimilate..

I just started 3ds Max to see how I could mix different models parts. I sadly noticed that if I try to change the model arm with another model arm, the whole model seem
[?_?] "un-linked".. Is something I should worry about? I can see the caps between the shoulder and the arm.. Will be this fixed with the weighting?

Forgive the imba-noob like questions.. but this is my first try at modeling, and I'm kinda frigthend of what I've seen and what I'm supposed to do o.o

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