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This is funny, and I refuse to get too far into the "debate", however since my last post, allot has been said. The most productive element of this converstaion( I try to exploit the possitves, on what may seem to be a negative situation) is that everyone posting, obviously are very passionate about JK and how to improve it for ALL players. I will never deabte someone's opinion, as it is there own..integrity is everything. Success, or winning, is a percpetion...never a fact, as we all choose what is fact for us and what it not...this makes you unique...In my personal OPINION, many good points were made from all people of this thread..

Torment noted that learning from better players helped him learn....excellent point.
It is not only the ability to be open to weakness, but the ability to accept your weakness that will make you stronger....but will all have or own perceptions of ourselves and what is weak and what is strong

Wanderer...with whom I agree with on many opinions, the idea of a more life-like aproach is a great concept, and I think there is some need for improvement with this....

SW is just a movie and JKO will be just a game, but all that we experiance in life as meaning....

No matter you preference of game or the style in which you play it...weither you win, or weither you loose...its your opinion that matters, as it you own....enjoy others thoughts,feelings, and perceptions, as you ultimatley make your own choices...integrity is everything!

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