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Good comments Wardz, and I agree. I agree with you that making blanket statements, with a " I'm better than you" attitude really is out of place here...and can motivate great members of this site to post elsewere, or move to another forum. That would be a shame...Theese forums are designed to share thoughts, to agree to dis-agree and ingage in constructive debates, by listening to everyones veiw points. A debate is never, and should never, become an argument..just enjoy peoples thoughts, learn from them and have fun....we are a community in here, people with the same admiration for this game.....if people want to be competitive, challenge others to games....great, just keep the trash talking and competitive attitudes in the game...

Oh, by the way, I have thought about the double-tapping method and I'm starting to think it may be better than my original thought of a designated button. My only concern was, I tend to be a grounded player, straffing, circling and moviing side to side I was concerned with double tapping accidently, as my fingers are always moving quick, and usually are on 2-3 buttons at a time....any feedback on this problem or keyboard+mouse users of UT....did this happen, as I do not play that game...any help would be double tapping does make more since, the more I Listened to most of your thoughts.....

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