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Originally Posted by Darth krunchy View Post
Good call, that's why he could choke enemies, right?
Though a powerful Sith Lord, Darth Vader's usage of Force lightning was suppressed, due to the prosthetic arm he had fitted to replace a hand lost in battle with Count Dooku, and after the disastrous confrontation on Mustafar (although his trademark use of Force Choke more than compensated for this lack). Vader could not channel lightning through his body for fear of damaging his cybernetic implants, and also meant he became much more vulnerable to the effects of Force lightning. This vulnerability would eventually contribute to his death. Although there is one case where Darth Vader did use Sith lightning. When Darth Vader was in close proximity to the presence of the Kaiburr Crystal on Circarpous V, the amplification effects of the Force caused the Dark Lord's affinity with the dark side of the Force to expand even greater. As a result, the crystal granted Vader the ability to cast Force lightning, normally impossible due to Vader's bionic limbs and life-support systems.

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