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Seriously.. No one is disappointed with this game??

I finally broke down and got another year gold membership, I figured I could start playing COD 4 and some other games again..

I am really disappointed with this game... I understand the market is not for more of a simulated audience but still..

I guess I am just to used to Academy and Knight, but this game is just way to arcade-y

Its basically fable, God of War and conan with a light saber. I am a big fan of star Wars and even a bigger when it comes to the games. I was obviously expecting much more and was horribly let down.

I just don't understand how you all could be loving it this much.. Its not a jedi character at all.. The light saber should be just that, a light saber, not a sword that glows. 1 slash and it should cut the person in half, not "injure" them.

I know I am not alone on some other fan sites as many are like myself and were hoping for more than just an arcade game with health meters over head the enemies..

really sucks
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