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Originally Posted by realityuk View Post
Well, if you insist.

It seems very much linear, the graphics arn't as good as expected, even for a demo.

The camera is awful.

You can't block whilst moving = -.-

The force powers are not even remotely as good as In academy / outcast. This is a tricky one as I know due to buttons on 360 ps3 controllers, but I mean, Right trigger as choke? what? i'm sorry? who thought that was a good idea. Right trigger should be swing saber, left stick to move forward back strafe... right to turn, at least in saber combat.

Granted that idea completly changes the way the game would be played but the saber really doesn't feel like a saber in this game. I mean, you have no control over it only some lame combo's which obviously get more powerful and complex, but still not enough depth for the fun to outweigh the repetitiveness of them by the end.

Even though this game wasn't intended to be anything like the jedi knight series, I think the majorly poor close quarter combat was a bad bad idea, especially when the force powers in those games was far better as well.
Its sad that most of us expected a little different of a game.. But the buzz going around, even the people that expecting this game to be what it is, thinks its a horrible let down.

I just went to game stop to get battlefront 2 for the 360 ( want to lay and play )

the geeks in there were all ranting about horrible the game is and they all expecting it to be like an arcade..
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