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Seriously.. No one is disappointed with this game??
The game's supposed to be sort of an episode 3.5.
I didn't hear people shout "Zomg, respawn, Anikon!" when Episode 3 aired and Anakin kot bashed at Mustafar. The game is supposed to be all about the feel, not about the multi-player goodness. It would be a damn shame to walk across Kashyyyks brilliant atmospheric forests and hear 'DOUBLE KILL' when you slice up another Wookiee.

This is not Jedi Knight. It's a completely new IP. It's not aimed for multi player fun or Gears of War coolness. No, it's a new episode of Star Wars, accept it the way it us, since it's a completely new idea.

PS: I think it's closer to Kotor then Jedi Knight. Kotor was all about the 'feel' too. I didn't hear people complain when you'd see the same melee/force anmination for the 126.147.856th time.

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