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Well, with the word "unlink" I mean a more pratical issue.. in 3dsmax, parts I burrowed from other models, don't fit in the model I chose as they would in their own.

Btw, yesterday I tried to weight the model, and I endured several problems.

Originally Posted by Psyk0Sith View Post
You see the "square" icon i selected in the image? thats the scale tool, simply select all the meshes, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse in the viewport, watch the units at the bottom until you reach 125.
Although I found the tool you are speaking of, I cannot see where does appear the "125".. So I can't properly scale the model. Still I tried to scale it with a size I thought suitable.

Then I loaded the skeleton, which I downloaded from your site, and tried to weight the mesh on it.
At first, I wasn't able to set the filters about the envelope as you do in your tutorial, since they were uneditable, and as I tried to add lft leg bones, with my enormous surprise I noticed that lt_tarsal was missing.. :s

Am I doing something wrong?
Plz Enlightne me *.*

Found out why I couldn't edit the envelope filters, the other problems are still there though.

"A picture is worth 1000 words.." :P

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