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Originally Posted by Jacob Nion View Post
Remeber guys this is a demo. The full game will have much more and it will be more exciting. Here is what Lucasarts said about the demo.

The demo will feature the SPECIAL VERSION of the Tie Fighter Construction Facility level.

It will also feature very special powers and a special ending THAT WILL NOT BE FEATURED IN THE FULL GAME..

So the Tie Fighter Construction Faclility that we played on the demo is going to be completey different from the game. They built that just for the demo use only.
Oh, I thought they just gave us a quarter or a third of the level ^^

It did seem a bit odd though. Nothing in the demo level fit into what the novel says about his mission. A LOT more corridor running and a lot less hangar-clearing...Plus his ship actually stayed in the hangar.

It's going to be interesting to see how different the game and the novel will be in that aspect. I hope it's not too different, because then I'm going to LOVE Raxus Prime xD
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