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Originally Posted by Aku View Post
Have all Jedi Outcast/Academy players forgotten that both games didn't actually allow you to use the saberrealisticcombat commands by default?
You had to modify the experience the developers intended for the players to actually get dismemberment and this realistic saber combat.
Seriously, has everyone forgotten that? It's starting to sound pretty ridiculous with everyone complaining about how saber combat should be more realistic when the games they keep pointing at didn't actually make it realistic <.<

(Do note, I love JO and JA because those commands exist, but that doesn't change the fact that they were set to 0 in the released version)

Btw, you should try out any console hack and slash game. The controls here follow the standard template that game devs realized work well for this kind of game a long time ago.

People need to remember that JO/JA are first person shooters with a third person camera angle and lightsabers, not anything similar to a regular third person hack and slash game ^^

Sorry but you ARE DEAD WRONG! and must not have played the game in a while.. I have it installed on my computer right now. I just installed both of them about a month ago.. Beat them both already.

No upgrades or patches or anything.

Arms and legs come right off.. Oh yea.. ONE swipe and their dead.. Well obviously..

Guys, I am not trying to convince anyone that this game sucks or is going to.
After all, Many people Hate Silent Hunter 4, but I love it..

Enjoy it for what it is.. But I already played Ninja Gaiden and Conan
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