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Originally Posted by fastfed View Post
Sorry but you ARE DEAD WRONG! and must not have played the game in a while.. I have it installed on my computer right now. I just installed both of them about a month ago.. Beat them both already.

No upgrades or patches or anything.

Arms and legs come right off.. Oh yea.. ONE swipe and their dead.. Well obviously..

Guys, I am not trying to convince anyone that this game sucks or is going to.
After all, Many people Hate Silent Hunter 4, but I love it..

Enjoy it for what it is.. But I already played Ninja Gaiden and Conan
I'm 100% certain that the games do NOT kill everybody with one hit and chop their limbs off. YOU are dead wrong.
In Jedi Academy, there was an option to enable dismemberment, but this happens rarely.
In Jedi Outcast, there was no such option and the command was disabled.

I play both games multiple times every week (daily during the last two weeks)

What MIGHT have happened is that you had a script file left from previous installations or a modified shortcut to the game left from previous installations.
There's no way what you're saying happened without using the console commands or having a script that uses them for you. Of that I am completely certain.
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