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Originally Posted by fastfed View Post
I am not saying this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!! but enough to make it look and feel just perfect.. I will say YES!!! One Swipe and a storm trooper is dead! Why are we even arguing about this? Who can honestly say TFU is any bit of a non linear realistic jedi (Sith) game? Its a major arcade game, horribly arcade, so much they have health meters above their heads, lol.. Finally, every boss(ahha boss's) have to be killed the same way as everyone else.. Meaning, you can throw a million exploding barrels into the AT-ST and it won't do a thing.. You must do some very old classic, cheesy button combo's that get even 7 year olds excited.
Do you have any real point when you constantly say that The Force Unleashed is an arcade game? What are you trying to prove? LucasArts will cash in nicely off this title, regardless of what die hard Jedi Knight fans feel.

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