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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
So for those of you that do, why Kashyyyk first, or why Tatooine first, whatever the case may be?
No matter what planet I go to first, I either get the Mission or Bastila side quest trigger first. That causes me to leave that planet before getting the Star Map and head to Tatoonine. You can’t finish the Bastila side quest with her mother unless you visit the cave with the Star Map, so I always get Tatoonine Star Map first. As Achilles wrote, I go to Kashyyyk 2nd because Mission’s brother needs Tach glands. I visit planets as I receive crew quest. After all, these people are watching the PC back, so the PC needs to keep them happy. Good thing we don’t have to pay fuel cost for the Ebon Hawk.

Now when playing darkside I focus more on completing the mission and less on my crew.
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