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A new idea. One that breaks from tradition a bit.

RakataDark brought up a good point in another thread:

Originally Posted by RakataDark View Post
How exactly did they leave it in a cliffhanger? I thought Kotor 2 had a good ending and did finish the storyline. K2 had the Exile leaving to the unknown regions to help Revan. Leaving it ambiguous as to what would happen.

If they made a K3 they would HAVE to put a new person. Because they can't have Revan or the Exile lose their abilities properly. If they did have a Kotor 3 they couldn't find Revan or the Exile in the flesh either. Since everyone would be saying. "Hey thats not how I portrayed Revan/Exile" So technically to avoid a mass amount of gripy fans they can feature The Unknown Regions. But I highly doubt they can feature Revan or the Exile unless they spend more then half their budget on plotline. Which is unlikely.

As well. The next company that wants to make a new kotor game is most likely not going to tell everyone what the gender of Revan/Exile is. To put it simply they want all of the fans buying the next game to find out what it is. But they wont tell them in hopes that they buy KOTOR 4 to find out. It just keeps going on and on.
That having been said, what if Knights of the Old Rebublic III were to break with tradition in that the main character is not a customizable one, but rather a character from one of the previous games and was a companion of either Revan or the Exile? This would be perfect as this character would set out to look for them. My first choice would be Bastila. Having Bastila as the main character would be truly great!

Now, I think it's safe to assume that the next game will utilize a new engine. Let us assume that it will be that of Mass Effect for the sake of this conversation: We wouldn't have the problem with the main character having no voice because the way Mass Effect is set up is so that your main character has voiced lines as well, and when it comes time to choose which dialogue to go with, the choice comes up as the previous character is speaking, and then your character will speak the line you choose. So there we go: we still get to choose our own dialogue, and Bastila (or whoever) still has a voice.

A bit more on the main character: Let's have the game start out where we play as a generic, not-so-important character. Sort of like T3-M4 in the last game's prologue, only someone who is fully capable of speaking and for whom you may choose their dialogue, and it would be a mandatory part of the game. (My choice for this starting character would be HK-47 as he'd be perfect, having a great deal to do with both Revan and the Exile.) During this first mission, dialogue choices let you specify Revan's and the Exile's genders and alignments, much like you dialogue with Atton in the last game. Cut to the beginning of your main character's quest, and depending upon what genders you chose, you may play the rest of the game as either Carth or Bastila, or whomever. (Those would be my choices. And of course this would mean that Carth would need to become a Jedi at some point; and that Bastila's Jedi abilities would need to be greatly toned down, or somehow not present for what ever reason. This way there isn't such a drastic difference at the beginning of the game: starting out as a Jedi or non-Jedi.)

I suppose this would also mean that you would almost have to meet Revan and/or the Exile somewhere down the road, and since they were customizable characters, assigning them canonical faces would greatly upset many people. Unless they simply put them both in masks (which I think is cheesy and a lazy way out; except for Revan if you stated that he was a dark-sider, in which case he may wear his Sith armor), I suggest this: At some point during gameplay, you visit some sort of mammoth computer with a huge database full of details on almost every registered citizen in the Republic. You use this computer to help you track down Revan and the Exile, who were very careful at deleting most details of their identities so as to cover their tracks. As such, you must begin to reconstruct their faces digitally on this computer, and all of the choices presented to you will correspond directly to all of the custom head choices at the beginning of both previous games. Thus, you are able to completely reconstruct Revan's and the Exile's faces as you had them set in the last two games!

Do you guys get what I'm trying to say? Do you like the idea? Of course, we all love our customizable characters (myself included), but given the points that RakataDark has brought up, introducing yet another prominent new character as the main protagonist might greatly produce an air of redundancy, so this solution may be for the best.

Too bad LucasArts and Bioware can't use solicited ideas, huh? If they coincidentally had or ever will have anything similar to this idea planned, I guess I just ruined it by posting it here.

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