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From 3ds max2008 to JKA

Hello I've got a problem I hope someone can help me solve... the thing is, I don't realy know where the problem is.

First I've created a model (saber hilt model) and its uwvmap and applied it and all that stuff... basicly, the model is compleated. But now I want to get it into JKA.
So if I've understod this right, I first need to make it a md3 file, and them a goulmodel together with a skin file

The first problem I encountered was the exporting of the md3. As I'm using 3ds max2008 none of the md3 exporter pluggin works (at least I havn't found anything that works with this version. If you know where to get a working v. please tell me ) So I found a program which uses 3ds files and exports md3s.
So I basicly just exported as 3ds, started this program
(NPherno's MD3 complier) imported the 3ds, and exported it as md3.

Now when I try to open the md3 in md3view I get this error:

error in ".../saber_shree/saber_w.md3", mesh"saber_w": error(s) loading mesh: headersize(5196) !=108

What does that mean?
is something wrong with the model? or is it the exporting?

ow and btw, I'm using windows vista, so I can't run md3view on this comp... need to run to another comp everytime I want to use it :\ anyone knows how to make it work on vista?
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