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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Except that Griff asks you to go there 2nd.
Well, that's assuming that you bothered to help Griff.

He doesn't really though. He gives a bunch of warnings and has a couple "I have a bad feeling about this" moments, but that's about it.
Eh, I guess. Still, better safe than sorry.

Right, but again, you could also be going because of your conversations with Carth.

That certainly is one way. Another would be that you'd do Tattooine first because of Mission's sidequest.
That too.

By the time you leave Dantooine, you have all your party members, save two. One of them is on Kashyyyk. The other is on Tattooine. If the story points you to Tattooine and then to Kashyyyk, then "late" becomes kinda relative, no (you still have 5 more places to visit before getting to Star Forge)?
Well, I mean if you do Kashyyyk last.

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