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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I'm not a subject of group think. It could be done, but it would require that you go through Korriban entirely before going through the final trial. Otherwise, you would encounter Bandon on your way through that level.

It could be done, but you would have to transition DIRECTLY from the academy to the tomb. Otherwise, you would run into him before you got the second-last star map.
You're more than welcome to try it yourself and then post the results. Play the game. After the cutscene introducing Bandon, go to Korriban. Complete the planet and get the Star Map. Then let us know whether he ambushes you with your party before you get the Star Map (as you insist) or after as I claim (and several others have confirmed).

That would seem to be the quickest way to settle this definitively, no?

P.S. I just want to point out that you're not just calling me a liar, but Redhawke and mimartin as well. If you do confirm what I suggest, I think it would be appropriate to apologize to them also.

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