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Yes, I was merely explaining why people here may jump down the throat of a person who admitted to pirating, since this board has certain obligations to LucasArts people here are going to be a little more agresive about it.

As for the actual morals though, while I agree that the line gets fuzzy when it becomes difficult to find something to buy, there are afew issue to think on. For instance, there are many hundreds of movie titles that simply are not available to buy here in the UK. Now while it may be possible for me to get it shipped in from the US (and thus risk incuring customs charges), it would be easier for me to download it.

Now, obviously that's wrong, if it's available, even if at a higher cost with more hassle, surely I should do that instead of downloading. I mean when is downloading justified, when i can't get something as easily as someone in another part of the world?

So then doesn't that apply to these such games? Take The first Monkey Island game for example. As far as I'm aware, that is no longer available anywhere... except maybe on ebay as you say. So what about ebay? You say that should you get it from there there's no money going to LucasArts and the person selling it is likely making a copy or himself.

But, the difference between getting it from ebay and downloading it is that the game you buy from ebay was paid for once, and money was given to LucasArts at least once for that very product. You are not (hopefully) buying a copy from ebay, but the oroginal thing that was once bought and paid for. If the seller was copying the game and selling those, that's stealing from LucasArts, if he's just selling his old game, no harm done.

And also, if the seller is copying the game to their hard drive, that's them doing the illegal thing, not you, the buyer.

Effectively, buying the game off of ebay is, I would say, better than downloading it, morally.

Downloading would, I would say, be the very last option. It's very much a question of how justified are you downloading the game simply because acquiring the game through legal means is too much of a hassle? How much of a hassle is too much?

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