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You make an interesting point when you say that purchasing a game on ebay is morally better because at least the game was likely purchased by the seller originally, and it would be possible to make the argument that pirating hurts the resale value of games, and therefore hurts customers, therefore indirectly hurting LucasArts. And I certainly understand who's hosting these forums...

But I think it's not so much a matter of it being a hassle to download old games from ebay, as it is not even being possible. In order to obtain a working copy of Monkey Island, I'll need to be the highest bidder, THEN get 20 year old floppy disks that hopefully still work.

I can't make an argument that downloading games is ok because it's easier than buying them. Of course it's easier! Even it it was being sold in stores it would still be easier. But when LucasArts tells us that their old games are important enough to them to prevent us from copying them (or even making fan games!), but not important enough to sell them to us, it reminds me of a small child who wants a toy only because he doesn't want his little brother to have it. Are they afraid that people may like the older games so much that they wont feel the need to buy newer games? <snicker> I mean sure they are within their legal rights, but come on!!! Owning the rights to classics like Monkey Island and not selling them is only encouraging piracy.

Copying one of my friends DVD's just feels wrong, just like downloading music just feels wrong. I like to think that I'm a pretty moral person, but downloading a game from the internet that I do not have the option to buy new just doesn't feel wrong to me. If they care so much about it, just sell me a copy! Please!!!

Software and the internet are fairly new. I think we will start seeing plenty of new laws on how to deal with problems that didn't exist on the same scale 10 or 20 years ago. Illegal copies will be front and center. I propose that software that has been off store shelves and off servers where you can purchase downloads for X number of years be considered abandonware (lets say 5 years) and therefore be A-OK to download from other sources. Although I suspect that will never happen... Ah well!

It sounds like we agree that downloading older games is illegal, but in a fuzzy moral area. But in conclusion, and mostly because of who's hosting these forums, to anyone reading this: DOWNLOADING PIRATED GAMES IS WRONG! AND IF YOU DO IT, YOU'RE A BAD PERSON AND NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU!
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