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Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
I personally thought HK and Atton were the coolest, mainly due to my Sith-like nature. If I wasn't, I would choose Atton and Brianna.
Really? Cause I do agree with you to some degree.

But overall, the most interesting Character in KOTOR II has got to be Kriea and The Exile.

The Exile, has a dark past, and has a more personality then Revan (In KOTOR I, but I blame BioWare for that part) and the relationships between Revan and The Exile, are left as a plot twist for a KOTOR III (Which I hope is true, and all this is just my opinion)

But, I still like Revan, I just don't like how BioWare made him in KOTOR I. In KOTOR II he's more developed then he was in KOTOR I, so its a tie between Revan and The Exile in my opinion.

And Kriea, there is nothing to be said about her. Period.

Could you please develop? Because not only once that perpassed my mind.
Okay, sit back while I type a long post.

First off, Mission, she's just a 14 years old and she's only useful on Taris. After the whole brother side quest, she's as useless as a garbage bag.

Second, Juhani was added at the last minute of the game. She has the most useless dialogue in the whole game, and half of her story was cut, so there isn't any needs to get her in your party. Just kill her, that's all I do.

Third, Zaalabar is the third useless party member in KOTOR I. He has no personalty, all he does is growls, and after Kashyyyk, there isn't any more need of him.

T3-M4, is useless in KOTOR I, but he makes up for it in KOTOR II. But still useless in KOTOR I.

The only interesting party members in KOTOR I are Carth, Bastila, Jolee, HK-47 and Mandalore. That's it, there isn't anymore interesting characters then them. Everyone else is generic.

In KOTOR II, there are only two party members that aren't that useful, GOTO and Bao-Dur. Atton, was complex. His story is very interesting, and is not the way you make it out to be.

Handmaiden is very unique and interesting again, if you ACTUALLY talk to her, and pay attention, then you'll find out more about Revan, Malak, the wars and stuff.

I don't even need to go over other characters. I'll stop rambling now.

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