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Thanks.. and, lol, I just edited while you were answering ._. sry

Hopefully, thOSE will be my last questionS..

Although I thought I understood what did you mean in your previous post ("problem 1.") now that I am in Max I can see How I can't get what you truly meant.

If I convert the mesh into editable mesh, by right clicking on the model, the whole skin modifer option will disappear. If I select the mesh modifier it will prompt me with an error message, suggesting me to not to switch modifiers..

# If I rename model parts, won't the textures have problems finding their model? This isn't a model I made, so I find werid that a working .glm, exported in 3dsMax, has parts which are named in the wrong way.

# Is it normal that, using what I think to be the "attach" button, the hand will be permanently "bound" to the arm, and I'll end up with one single mesh named just as the part I "attached"?

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