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Originally Posted by Revan 411 View Post
First off, Mission, she's just a 14 years old and she's only useful on Taris. After the whole brother side quest, she's as useless as a garbage bag.

Second, Juhani was added at the last minute of the game. She has the most useless dialogue in the whole game, and half of her story was cut, so there isn't any needs to get her in your party. Just kill her, that's all I do.

Third, Zaalabar is the third useless party member in KOTOR I. He has no personalty, all he does is growls, and after Kashyyyk, there isn't any more need of him.

T3-M4, is useless in KOTOR I, but he makes up for it in KOTOR II. But still useless in KOTOR I.
While I don't agree with most that was said, how come that makes them underdeveloped achetypes? If there's one thing your party on both Kotors are is clichéd.

The only interesting party members in KOTOR I are Carth, Bastila, Jolee, HK-47 and Mandalore. That's it, there isn't anymore interesting characters then them. Everyone else is generic.
Your opinion. Mine is that, aside from Atton and Kreia, everyone else on K2 were undereveloped and didn't looked human enough - nor Wookie or Zabrak enough.

In KOTOR II, there are only two party members that aren't that useful, GOTO and Bao-Dur.
Again you seem to confuse what you're talking about. This isn't about usefulness.


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