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Yeee.. I think I got it right now ^^

Thanks, and forgive me if this post is becoming something like a F.A.Q. <.<

However, I'm starting to think that the rigging process is something.. unclear?

I am unsure of how to weight meshes, for example, which is the bone for hips_belt and hips_flaps? pelvis? Torso is the result of 3 bones, will I have to share the weight among all of them?

I have to apply the "50/50 method" to each caps?

I also have another question, how can I make the mesh move as you do in your tutorial to see if I weighted it right?

# o.o I found a bone, related ONLY to the body, not to the real cape, which is named "torso_cape".. wtf?
Thanks the help and the time you are spending in order to help me, btw u.u"

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