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As soon as everyone was on board, Raj walked to the cockpit and sat in the pilot chair. He rubbed the temples on his skull and felt the ripple of his Zabrak heritage tattoo across his face.

He charged up the engines and the ship currently hovered in the air. The walking imperials suddenly shrunk into the distance below, and the hanger bay doors slid open to reveal the horizon of Bastion and its Imperial settlement.

The Titavian shot out through the hanger and into the sky. The darkness of space slowly grew over the view of the cockpit, and they were now exiting the atmosphere.

Alec walked into the cockpit and simply stood to watch Captain Tyeken work the controls. "So... uh, looks like you got everything under control."

"Why don't you make yourself useful and punch in the coordinates for me?" said the captain. "Have you ever flown a ship before."

"Well... once before, but I learned some of the basics of flying..."

He jumped into the co-pilot seat and punched in the coordinates to Rutan, and setting the navigations. Alec pulled the switch and ship entered the vortex of passing stars.

"Well'p, by the look of things we should arive there in a few hours..." Alec pointed out. Raj stared at Alec curiously.

"You call those basics? I've never seen anyone punch in coordinates on their second try."

"When I said I piloted a ship once, I meant for a few days stuck in space on a mission. The pilot was a droid, and kinda malfunctioned. So I had to learn the basics and a few other tricks from these old holo-manuals and-"

Raj showed very little interest. Alec left the cockpit to join the others in the central lounge.
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